When economic resources become limited, experience and business acumen will make all the difference towards meeting an objective or achieving a goal. The constant struggle between capabilities and objectives is a familiar one to our Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), who are experienced at making more with less. Whilst experience and intelligence are key factors, it is important to note the importance of networking. Communication technology has changed, offering us a new way of doing business through the cultivation of personal relationships (Networking).

We at AIVA Business Group, boast a broad and efficient network of partners that are committed to the development and sustainability of SMEs. We offer rapid and effective solutions to address your problem areas; expanding your business with maximum profitability.

The combination of networking and our organizational structure provide major benefits to our clients and the way we conduct business. Firstly, our business structure is flexible, meaning that services available increase exponentially, and that we are able to provide our clients with the most felicitous professionals on a case by case basis. Through our unique blend of networking and organizational structure, we are able to provide services at a lower fee than any competitor.

Moreover, networking allows us to capitalise on local and international experience: by creating new synergies, identifying new partners, creating strategic alliances, etc...

Lastly, it is important to note that we offer a unique networking solution. In consistency with our principles, we operate a large network that functions like a tight knit unit. Through our vast network based on integrity and trust, clients can benefit from the value added to their businesses and investments.  An AIVA partner will always be competent, close to you, analyzing and proposing the best available choices for you and your business. We oversee professionals to ensure your interests and to responsibly monitor the success of the operation.